Tapping The Untapped Resources In Epe

Epe is a town that have remained undeveloped for decades but within 4 years of Ambode's Government it moved almost to the top of the ladder with good roads,electrification,recreational and Government presence.

Nonetheless the endless opportunities, investors are still hesitating to take advantage of it . From my professional experience with the Eleko free trade zone axis ,we started marketing for N400k per plot, while facing express was N600k per plot but then in 2014/15 i was practically using all the effort to make investors believe that Government promise to bring Dangote Refinery and seaport in the axis which is a fact but not a fiction most people refused to buy but now hardly can you get a land from the original owners, we sold them off to investors who saw the handwriting on the wall ,however to buy a plot you need not less than N2.5m while facing the free zone road is N5 million except if you settle for a land without title or under processing and with this the risk is very high looking at how Government needs more land for the free zone project.

Epe will eventually serve as the residential hub for Ibeju Lekki business district.If you may recall in the 90's Victoria Island was the corporate headquarters in Nigeria while Lekki Phase 1 became the residential hub but then V.I got saturated too expensive for upcoming business and as such there was the need for a new business hub and and this opened up Lekki phase 1 as the new business district and since late 2015 Lekki phase 1 and Oniru business cyclone is moving faster than expected into the whole Lekki Epe expressway.

 The similitude of Lekki phase 1 is similar to what Epe is to Ibeju Lekki,as you are reading this piece i want you to bear in mind that this kind of advise is rare because those who take action and those who failed to take action would have a reason to regret in the future. My point stern from my experience in the early 90's when a lot of subscribers rejected Government allocation to Lekki Phase one they all moved to other areas in the mainland because the deplorable condition of Admiralty way was pathetic,to get to Dowen College you would practically swim,other streets was flooded,security was a big concern because i could remember armed robbers came in severally through the Admiralty way Lagoon but now those who rejected the allocation are still regretting because the place have turned into a commercial gold mine and on the other hand those who stayed put actually regretted not buying more than one piece from those who angrily sold their plots to move to the mainland.

On this note i will also recall the same fate is befalling most people to refused to take the right decision on the Lekki free trade zone axis. Why Ibeju Lekki will soon get out of hand is simply because of the flow of commercial activities blowing so fast from Lekki phase 1,for instance just by the Golden jubilee bridge you will find the Ado Ajah road 10 years ago it was a low neighbourhood but now its so congested that on the long stretch of the road commercial activities have taken over the neighbourhood so also several places in the Ajah axis.

Also,Epe will soon become an alternative to Ibeju Lekki ,if you survey the bigger than life projects located in the local Government, i see it as too much for one geographical location, the area has an international airport project,a deep seaport,and also a resident to over 200 manufacturing companies of which over 20 of them are operational.

Eventually,these 3 projects if they are fully operational would be fantastic and would garner a lot of commercial hype not forgetting the ongoing Dangote Refinery under construction.Apapa only had a seaport we can all witness how congested the whole area has turned and yet Government is still struggling to improve amenities to accommodate commercial activities.Also an international airport would attract a lot of hospitality business such as hotel and servicing companies such as freight forwarders. Also the much awaited Lekki deep seaport would serve the over 250 manufacturing companies in importation and exportation imaging a replication of heavy duty vehicles such as how they scattered all around the carter bridge ,bonded terminals everywhere including the need for countless trailer parks, imaging all these activities in one local government ,just take a deep breath an imaging the commercial commotion that will ensue.

 Epe is where most people approach for a peaceful living,ibeju will be too commercialised and not conducive for living ,traffic will be moving anti clockwise from Victoria Island to the Lekki free zone against what we have presently and as such the road would be very congested the only light movement would be toward Epe.

 Currently, the difference in price are outrageous a good land in Epe in the average is N500,000 (five hundred thousand naira only) while a good land in Ibeju Lekki without any encumbrances is (N2.5 million) and as such everybody is focusing on Ibeju Lekki and the free zone neglecting Epe, a good investor who is ready to buy ,wait and profit will buy into Epe now before everybody start rushing and this will hype prices but if you have it now you stand a better chance to buy at a very good profit.

Surprisingly,you can even get a good land reserved for farming at (N200,000) most wise investors will buy this category after a while you will be able to use it for other purposes.Most of the prime land in Ibeju Lekki were initially farmland but today development have overtaken farming activities in Ibeju lekki and as such Government are forced to ratify the land document into mixed use.

If i may recall, do you know that most people who are landowners (Omonile) today inherited large expanse of land from their great grandfathers who are predominantly farmers? also do you know that most omonile who did not inherit large expanse of land are children from fishermen,artisans and those whose great grandfathers do not have much stamina to cultivate large size farm?. Land was almost free in most community all they needed was to approach the community head for permission or just cultivate on the land and it automatically becomes theirs.

This condition is still relevant but you will pay a premium ,for instance in this 2019 with as low as (N1.2 million) one million two hundred thousand you can acquire 6 plots of farmland in Epe,in Ijebu Isiwo with N300,000 you can acquire 6 plots of land,in Ogbomosho and iseyin with as low as (N120,000) one hundred and twenty thousand naira this list goes on and on the opportunities are endless.

In respective of the position you might be today remember that the only constant thing about life is change,someone was was in your position before you got there,Government policies are changing and may not favour your business tomorrow ,workers have been retrenched unannounced,companies have folded unannounced,people have been caught in the web when you least expected remember the kids may not be as lucky as you are ,please keep assets for them to make up life.

coming back to Epe prime developing properties you can still get between N500k-N800k, the ones near tarred road are more expensive like N800k but good, in the interior dry and solid ground as a matter of fact you don't need raft foundation to build in Epe unlike the water logged Ibeju Lekki.

I will still continue on this details but for enquiries you can whatsapp me

This piece was written by Akeem Agbaje

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Benefit Of Baking Soda that you might not know


Baking soda tricks and hacks that every woman should know. Many women pay special attention to the products they put on their skin, body, and hair. There are always more natural ways to keep your body healthy. Take baking soda for example; it has hidden health benefits when used on its own. These home remedies and hacks are useful. There are many DIY hacks using a box of baking soda. Its main functions are to make baked goods rise, remove acid-induced odors, and it can be used as a cleaning agent to scrub just about anything. Treat Kidney Disease Cure Occasional Heartburn & Indigestion Oral Hygiene Mouthwash Soothes Canker Sores Whitens Teeth Deodorant Could Improve Exercise Performance Treats Itchy Skin & Sunburns Whitens Your Laundry Removes Carpet Stains

- According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, is an alkaline substance that is produced by the body which buffers acids and helps keep our pH levels in check. Whitaker adds that people who suffer from kidney disease have a hard time removing acid from their body. But a recent study conducted by British researchers shows that sodium bicarbonate actually slowed the rate of kidney decline by two-thirds. - Over the counter medication such as Alka-Seltzer, Tums, and Rolaids contain some form of bicarbonate. So Whitaker states that if those medications have success in relieving indigestion and heartburn, then taking natural baking soda would work even more efficiently. He suggests stirring half a teaspoon of baking soda into half a cup of water and drink it an hour after eating a meal. - Whitaker explains that brushing your teeth by simply dipping your toothbrush in baking soda may not be the best idea. With its abrasive qualities, it would wear down the protective enamel over time. He suggests sticking with the commercial products that contain baking soda in their toothpaste. - I’ve already mentioned what baking soda can do when it’s on a toothbrush, but I haven’t mentioned what it can do as a mouthwash. Healthline states that baking soda can reach corners and crevices of your teeth, tongue, and gums that can be missed when brushing your teeth. The easiest way to utilize baking soda as a mouthwash is to mix half a teaspoon with half a glass of warm water. - In 1973, a Mouth Clinic was formed at Sunnybrook hospital. Most of the patients that came into that clinic were suffering from chronic ulceration. It was tough to diagnose and even tougher to treat at times. But specific therapy that included baking soda improved the conditions of 7 out of 10 patients, according to Healthline. - According to Medical Science Monitor, the reason why baking soda is so effective when it comes to whitening teeth is because of its mild abrasive properties allow it to break the bonds of molecules that stain the teeth. Baking soda also contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can help fight harmful bacteria. - John Henderson Lamb, M.D., from the School of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma explains that baking soda acts as a natural deodorant because it can eliminate the smell of sweat by making the odor less acidic. - Muscles produce lactic acid, which is why you get that burning sensation during exercise. Lactic acid lowers the pH inside your cells, which could be the reason why your muscles get tired. - A study was published in BioMed Central, and it concluded that the participants who consumed sodium bicarbonate before exercise elevated their peak blood lactate levels, and lowered the rating of perceived exertion. - According to WebMD, baking soda contains properties that can help soothe the redness that’s caused by itching and the stinging sensation caused by sunburn. There are many over-the-counter products that contain baking soda. But you can make your own paste out of baking soda, or take a bath and add it to the water. - According to research done at the University of Nebraska, because baking soda is an alkali when it’s dissolved in water. It has the ability to interact with the acids from stains to help remove them. - According to an article published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, when you combine baking soda and vinegar, it creates a compound called carbon acid. This ingredient is common in cleaning products. Together, they create a fizzing sensation that seeps into the carpet and removes the stains.

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How To Buy Properties When Others Are Not Buying To Earn 500% Profit

It remains a fact that to become successful as a real estate investor you must learn to buy properties when they have no value,especially when others are not buying due to one reason or the other .The discipline you must apply is three, one is patience,second is patience and third is patience to wait to see your investment grow to a point when others are rushing to buy.

If you look around your environment ,you will realise that at one point in the area you live today was once underdeveloped and suddenly everybody wants to reside  there for one reason that could range from high rise of properties in the nearest community,new road construction, establishment of factories or servicing companies that attracts workers etc, at that rising point those who have bought when it was a no go area stands to make between 100% - 1000% profit from that single exodus ,and when they do , they still look around for such abandoned properties and reinvest and wait for another rainy day to hit a new jackpot.

Take for instance 10 years ago a property company invested in a 78 plots of Land in Oribanwa along the Lekki Epe Expressway he invested (N500,000) five hundred thousand per plot he held his patience since then and for the last 12 months  buyers are begging to buy for N3.5million per plot while he insisted on N4million and luckily for him a company around the corner have taken up the project of interlocking the road,which have added more value to the property ,and definitely in the next few months if the road project is completed each plot would  value above N6million per plot. In calculation he will be making a huge profit within a 10 years investment, he invested N39million and sold for N312million and makes a profit of N273million and the longer the property stays in the market the more profit he makes.

Akeem Agbaje

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Learn how to sponsor Land Deals

You are on the right page to learn details on Real Estate Sonsorship deals

As I have said earlier, have you ever heard of Land Sponsorship Deals? or let me put it straight like this, What is Land Sponsorship ? in an attempt to answer these questions, remember you need to fully understand the ,What are the do’s and don’ts ? do you know who this business is meant for? and in curiosity, why not say ,Why Land Sponsorship? and the most important question is ,Where to get informed

You will get answers to these questions if you click and follow the link on 

Landprince Investment Ltd
2348055522183, 2348073224143

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#howtofindarealestateagent #bestRealtornearibejuepelekki

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7 profitable commercial real estate investing strategies

7 profitable commercial real estate investing strategies,buy expensive real estate properties at cheaper price and lesser amount

What we shall be discussing today in this forum is what you need to do if you want to buy an expensive land or Luxury #Real Estate and other real Estate with little money especially if that is all  you have at your disposal for this purpose  or no cash on ground to make a purchase .

There are various methods of solving #housing need, but before then you must have assessed your income level .The choice that best suits your other needs such as religion ,nearness to working place, retirement plan, social status, and accessibility to road networks. Most importantly, how much  can afford to pay for a property. At this point,it will be ripe to make the right decision on these various methods.

Like this child at every point in our lives we have
make a decision on what is best for us and as such,
you must take a decisive action with reasons  when
you want to buy a land ,house or property. 
Before then #Religion,workplace, #business,schooling, 
retirement and career have to be considered before 
taking such a decision

We shall examine few case studies to make it more practicable for those who will take up advantage of buying expensive properties at very little amount.


To own a property most people
rely only on outright purchase
option.But the question is How
many people can afford to buy
properties at their places of choice.
hope have eluded millions of
home seekers and they end up living
where they can only afford,rather
than where they wish to live.The
only way out is to  apply real estate
alliance method. 
For every layman who wants to buy a property the first thing that comes to his mind is money ,and how to get the cash to pay for such a huge amount .This is the first option of payment and it is
the most common. This is a method where you can decide to give full payment for a plot of land (s) when you are looking at Houses for sale or real estate properties of your choice.

On the other hand ,before you make payment , there are few things to consider. Before you pay for this property make sure you make official inquiry from the ministry of land and registry to ascertain that the property is not within #Government acquisition area, or have been previously sold, or is located on an access road etc. Better still; find an expert in this area to help you out with these findings before you make final payment. 

Buyers lose millions of their income  to fraudsters,people 
lose their money  out of ignorance or penny wise pounds foolish  rather than paying professional service charges which is nothing compared with what they will eventually part with  when they do it alone to save money. For instance #Lawyers charge fixed amount less than 10% as professional charges to investigate and ensure the deal is safe to go ,buyers tend to ski this important stage to safe money but at the end they lose the whole 100% investment rather than paying professional fee to safe their fortunes and hard earned money. Do not be penny wise and pounds foolish.

To be safer ensure that properties have C of O #Certificate-of-Occupancy or a Government certified paper to guaranty credibility and authenticity of ownership,ensure that you get a Lawyer or Solicitor to verify these claims before you make payment. This will take us to the second creative option.


You can easily break a stick of broom but a bunch of broom will require additional
force or  leverage to break, likewise ,a group of people can still buy proprieties
in their choice area despite cash limitation if they can pull their resources
together to purchase the same property , split and utilize in the most advantageous
way that will benefit all and derive the same satisfaction like other individual buyers.

This  is a creative option that can be used by individuals, groups, or cooperate bodies who could not meet up with immediate cash for outright purchase of a property. Rather than losing hope they can form an alliance and check out #Apartment For #Sale  or  Find Land For Sale then buy the property with a memorandum of understanding that will govern the entire process prior and after paying for the property. However, I shall list the various methodologies to achieve this aim by forming an alliance ,depending on individual differences ,limitations goals. The options available are  

2.1) Individual Real Estate Alliance
2.2 #Cooperative Society Real Estate Alliance
2:3  #Companies Real Estate Alliance
2:3 Traders Real Estate Alliance
2.3 Specialized Traders Real Estate Alliance
2.3 Service Provider Real Estate Alliance
2.4 #Manufactures Real Estate Alliance
2.5 #Distributors Real Estate Alliance

We can perform better in real estate purchase if we can
join hands together to pursue the same goal.Once you
have made up you mind to purchase and its
the location you want, don't wait for when you will 
get the complete cash do not seek for a loan you
may never get out . Rather,look out for a colleague, a
friend or family member who has the same goal with you then 
pull the resources and cash together to do the purchase.
This is a method when two or three individual will team up to buy a plot of land or acres of land in bulk purchase. Cash pulled together at a very little cost will meet up with their choice of property and ending up with their dream home as desired.Most importantly, they stand to enjoy a high discount on bulk purchase , and installment payment option  


A Prime property located in an estate  along  Lagos Lekki  Epe road with over 50 undeveloped plots was sold for 20m per lot. In this regard, how many middle class worker can afford to pay out-rightly ,but there is a better hope to live in such choice and exclusive area. Mr John Duru and Mr Colins Ayantuga of #Zenith Bank decided to make the purchase  and eventually constructed a semi-detached  3 Bedroom duplex rather  than losing hope on the property you can also persuade your friend, colleague, or family to form an alliance to live in their choice location despite the financial constraints,both families now enjoy a serene environment with like mind neighbors, good road in the estate ,better facilities and a good management to oversee the estate facilities and life become much more blissful and meaningful.


Family units house like this are easily achievable for
two or three families..Once you locate your choice area
make inquiries if more than one family unit apartment
can be approved  by Town planning official
,once this is done you can go ahead  to pull resources
with one or two persons to purchase a land of between
800sqm to 1000sqm to build your dream home.

Four people can also contribute money to buy a plot of land.
Example in #Diamond-Estate a 1000sqm corner piece land was sold at 30m, 3 years ago, but because of the meagre income of Mr Ayomide Lewis ,Mr Jide Cole and Badmus Komolafe who worked with an Insurance company ,they were able to get a soft loan with their organisation and secured the place, they eventually  build a 4 unit Terrace duplex of 4 Bedroom each. Most importantly, they bought the property by contributing very little money and achieved the prestige of living among the rich in an expensive neighborhood that eventually improved their living standard.


There is also Alliance with moderate properties,In a good neighborhood on Badore road Ajah Lagos, a plot of 648sqm was sold for 6m, the land is located in a gated community near cooperative Villa,and has a tarred road and beautiful neighborhood.

Mr Udoh Ekanem and Mrs Tolu Balogun had the opportunity to buy a plot in a nearby community at 2m per plot but this is a total opposite of the land in Badore ,no good road, more of a slum and no provision for security, eventually they met and bought the land at Badore at 5m of which they both built a detached  3 bedroom flat on a 320 sqm land, and afterwards life made more sense and were able to nurture their children in a serene environment. 


In the #Ikorodu Area of #Lagos a plot of land was sold for 2m
  you can buy up the property, with your friends, colleague who is also willing to buy. You can end up building two unit of  three (3) bedroom flat and you would have saved yourself a lot of procrastination. 

In this instance similar to other areas you might be familiar with, don’t end up procrastinating because the cost of the land is not affordable, people failed to build their dream home because they continue to wait endlessly for a time they will be able to have enough money to buy an expensive property ,you can start by building your first house with LITTLE MONEY then you can proceed to more expensive properties as you perfect the system.


It makes sense for six families to sum up their cash to build a six unit
Terrace apartment of 4 bedrooms each and two living rooms.
What else do you need if at first you can eventually own your own

You can team up with other four people of the same interest to build a 6 unit 3 bedroom apartment, or alternatively you can team up with only one person with an Equity contribution and build a detached twin duplex or semi detached duplex. You can adopt this very simple method if you intend buying up a property at a lower cost. You can use the excess money to buy up another property at a different location.

 However, this property will retain value due to its location. The individual beneficiary will still enjoy hundred percent advantage accrued from such expensive neighborhood, such good school, up to date Estate facilities, good road network ,accessibility to important places such as #Victoria Island, #Ikoyi, #Epe Axis and most importantly the benefit of living in a rich neighborhood.

Individuals enjoy more benefit if they form an alliance. After buying one property, the individuals could repeat the same process repeatedly, becoming a big Real Estate investment with acres of lands at Choice properties in different locations.

2.2 Cooperative Society Real Estate Alliance

Just like individual estate alliance, a cooperative society in an area, a company or establishment can also procure acres of land and properties to be shared among members of the cooperative group. 

Do you know that buying land in bulk is like  buying at a give away price.
 Landowners prefer to sell at once saving them time and stress in 
getting to sell  the property and in most cases such large
 hectares of land are typically located in  undeveloped areas of the city
 with very little facilities most suitable for farmland .Now this is the trick
 the owners beg people to buy, he wants to get rid of the land
 and move on with life because its more of a stress than  asset
and as such you will be helping him out by doing a purchase at
a very low price.. invariably because of the large numbers of people coming
 to live in the neighborhood  it will drive in new market,new development
 ,new people and a new community all this will add value to the neighborhood
 bringing in all necessary facilities. 

A 50 Plots of land in #Mowe,#Ibeju-lekki,#Badagry or epe  could be purchased by a cooperative society and then shared among 100 members or more, they can also construct a twin semi detached duplex on a plot, for two members.

 However, the cost of each member to procure this land will be lesser than individual purchasing.

In other words, cooperate bodies can choose to investment cash running into millions  to purchase this 50 plots for their staff to maintain their loyalty to the organization and establish a residential estate that will bear the company name which will continue to serve as a good management will to employees,example of such is found in Satellite Town Ojo Lagos In Nigeria,where companies such as #Exxon-Mobil, #Agip Oil,#Chevron International ,#First Bank,#Union Bank and Multinationals over twenty in number,pulled resources and created a new Town  for their employees,they bought the land, built 2 and 3 bedrooms and sold it out for their staff on monthly installment

 This will in turn increase productivity by the staff and future staff,
another examples of such is #Chevy Estate opposite Chevron Headquarters Lekki ,owned by chevron cooperative society members,also #Thomas estate,#LNG Estate,Mobil Estate Lekki and countless other states all in the name of employees Cooperative Societies.In other instance, a cooperative society can also group members in 2’ to 3’ or 4’ to form an alliance to buy up a land or property at heir choice location. A plot of land of 500,00 could be shared by 2 or more members with a total contributory cost of only 200,000 to 300,000 each to procure the land. This will allow more members to secure land at their choice location at a small cost.

2:3    Companies Real Estate Alliance

We have heard of #Mergers and #Consolidation in the financial sectors #banks come together to form a bigger and stronger bank with a huge capital base and 
also this is done in the insurance sector. Therefore, it is ripe for companies, organizations and bodies to form an alliance in the real estate sector.

Like Donald Trump he buys up rundown house , renovate and drives traffic
to it,in this scenario, companies and individually who cannot locate
themselves in the best commercial location because of low 
purchasing power can pull resources with 2-6 other companies
to buy a building and share. This is  more beneficial than remaining
a tenant in your choice commercial location  

Inflation is climbing higher coupled with global economic downturn. It is becoming difficult for bodies to purchase land and property at their choice areas, especially Commercial lots for sale
in commercial centers where property are at the peak, for instance a plot of land in Ikoyi cost between N200 million to N300m. A 4 bedroom detached house in VGC cost between 150million to 200million a plot of land at Lekki epe express road in Oniru cost between N40m- 250million, a 4 bedroom in Parkview cost 50million, a 6,800 square miter at #Adetokunbo #Ademola cost 1.5billion.

 Because of this Inflationary trends, more companies are finding it difficult to position themselves is choice location for the present and future market place. Therefore, the visible solution is company estate alliance ,where companies can pull resources to secure #Real Estate To #Sale ,rather than  waiting endlessly trying to do it alone.

Two, three or four companies will pull their resources together and buy a plot of land along Lagos Epe express road at the cost of 150 million. If 3 companies form an alliance they will pay a reasonable cost of 50 million each other resources will go for construction of the edifice that will accommodate them and save excess cost, or better still, financial house can take up their construction bill and then pay back their loan over a period of time.

With this type of alliance, their will be hope for younger and smaller companies to locate themselves among giant companies who have enough financial capital to throw around. This will also guarantee a fair market competition between the young, small and giant companies. The economic challenges of the future will soon consume any company that fails to read the emerging danger in the estate and property sector, this is indeed is a global real estate warning.

2:4 Traders Real Estate Alliance

Traders are not also left behind forming estate alliance. It could be for #residential purpose or #business purpose.

Shoprite  of South Africa  is one typical example  of traders amalgamation it
 comprise of numerous trading units by individual and corporate bodies,.
They have achieved in driving market to their location because of market
concentration.To achieve this  traders will organize themselves in
such a manner and pull their resources together to buy a land 
 in a present market location or a future market ,put up
 a to accommodate  all stake holders.

Amalgamated traders such as what we have in trade fair complex (Aspamda) in Lagos #Badagry express road, where traders can come up and buy 60 plots of land for instance in a choice area at the cost of 60 million, 10 plots will be used for parking space and other uses while the remaining 50 plots will be shared by one thousand traders at a small cost.

In this type of #traders alliances, banks and #financial houses will scramble to help in developing the market because of the huge potential that will be earned in the future. Today #Aspamda in Lagos – Badagry express road, is a market  to reckon with throughout the country, and it has positioned itself firmly to becoming a world class market in the future. 

The best is yet to come, opportunities are still lurching everywhere for amalgamated traders to reproduce the likes of aspamda .

More so, banks and financial houses are concentrating more on financing residential estates, not knowing fully well that other profitable sectors remain untapped. Amalgamated traders forming alliance is a new form of financing that would give more than 100% profit, most especially if these financial houses step forward in the future  maintenance of the market, this will guarantee continuous income for several years.

2.5 ) Specialized Traders Real Estate Alliance

There are traders located in only one geographical location to sell the same products. They are concentrated in the same venue and place and are controlled by the same situation and circumstances. They are subject to price control, and easy access to manufacturers and distributors of such products. 

The inability of other traders of this particular product to locate themselves in such a market is always a hindrance to the sales, profit and cost of doing business. 

For instance, individuals #
Motor #Sparepart #Dealer scattered in every general market would not be exposed to change in trends, price and fluctuation in the business, unlike those located in a specialized spare part market such as #Ladipo spare part market in Mushin #Alaba electronics and electrical market at the Owode-oniru and #Aswani textile market in Apapa expressway Lagos.

 However, these markets enjoy local and international patronage because of their convergent in one place.

Nevertheless, other traders can still reproduce this trade monopoly for instance; 4 acre of land along Badagry express road shortly after Agbara will serve as a good market for plastic and polyester traders. This location will serve as a good international market from west Africa countries and beyond, who travel all the way to central Lagos for his purpose.

Also, other traders could also take the advantage of the 4th mainland bridge in Ajah and locate themselves on plots of land in Ikorodu worth 21 million. The advantage to this real estate alliance is so numerous that a large population of at least 320 of this traders can share the 42 plots and each will be required to pay a token of 65,625 to become a land owner.

Banks and financial houses will be willing to finance the construction because of the huge profit and the high number of traders involved, also, individuals could also decide to build on their own.

2.6) Service Provider Real Estate Alliance

This is a very productive real estate alliance because of the interdependence of the services provider. What goes around comes around and the fact remains that no man is an island on his own. We all need to depend on other people and professionals to perfect our own profession.

For instance, an architect need a surveyor to get his figures for drawings while a construction engineer needs an accurate drawing from an architect to build a reliable structure, however a builder need the services of a craftsman such as carpenter, bricklayer, iron bender etc to put up a structure. 

This is Ikota Complex In Lekki Lagos,it is on about 10 hectares of land,
established by HFP an Israeli company,any group of people can do the same,
it comprise of service providers such as lawyers,Agencies, Surveyors,
consultants,retail outlets and several others.It is the heart of Lekki.
When this project was conceptualize it looks like a waste but toady an
office space is sold foe half a million.  Hakeem Agbaje

Therefore, if all these services converge in one place, they will have easier access to each other, there will be continuous business referrals, services will increase and as such profit will also be maximized. Such a scenario could be experience in VGC complex along Lagos Epe express way sponsored by HFP Engineering. In this office complex, activities are at peak level, with increasing numbers of banks, airlines, architectures, surveyors, estate agents, laundry, insurance brokers, stock brokers, construction engineers, dentist, opticians to mention but few.

More so, it will be a very profitable venture if 
could replicate this VGC complex in a geographical location where offices are scattered, you have to take a bus or drive far distance from surveyors office in Lagos mainland to see an architect in Lagos island, this is an example of a waste of time and resources  that hinders productivity.

For instance, an individual investor or developer can buy up  one (1) acre of land along Lagos Ikorodu road at N20m and use it for office complex, a cue of construction design can be taken from the VGC complex and before you know it, all offices scattered along Lagos Ikorodu will identify the complex as the center of all service providers.

Apart from this, individual service provider numbering like 50 can team up together and buy up the one (1) acre around N20 million individuals will only need to contribute only 400,000 to get spacious measurement enough for an office apartment.

2.7) Manufacturers Real Estate Alliance

Manufacturers are the pioneers of this real estate alliance what makes the difference is that in most industrial layout, it is the pet project of the government and the state and in several cases location of these industrial layout are not suitable for production and distribution.

Industrial layout are the prerogative of Government,but lately the Government
of our country have neglected the need for industrialization,however
these have increased unemployment in most countries.the private
 manufacturer can manage their future perfectly if they take the
bull by the horn by converging at the same place to practice their trade
.Hakeem Agbaje

However, we have instances such as the industrial layout along Lagos Apapa express road, though manufacturers are affected with the present economic downturn and the increasing reliance on imported product due to lack of adequate Government support ,they will enjoy a far greater benefit if they chose to converge in one place, rather than the present state where distributors in a geographical location are scattered.  It will help the distributors to create a bigger market where all retailers will find it more reliable to visit the center rather than buying their products from distance distributors.

 Also manufacturers will save cost of transportation and time unlike when they are in far distance, also distributors will be able to have a place of their own rather than the use of rented apartment or leased properties.

For instance, an acre of land at N20 million located on Lagos Ikorodu express road can be purchased by five (5) distributors of soft drinks or alcoholic drinks.

 Each of then will only need to contribute a token of 4 million to create a bigger and faster market in that geographical area other distributors of similar products also take up such advantage and they will be a force to reckon with by both their retailer and the manufactures.

However, plots of land  available for this purpose suitable for groups of distributors are along #Ajah – #Badore road Lagos-Badagry express way, Lagos Epe express way and Lagos Ikorodu express way etc.

Also, manufacturers of some products such as #Pepsi, #coca-cola, #Mirinda, 7up, #Fanta, Schweppes ,#Bottled water companies and other soft drinks can also pull their resources together and buy up acres of land at a strategic location and lease then up for various distributors of their product in that area. 

The advantage among others is that it will help to converge the distributors in one place, this will generate a bigger market, it will make it easier for retailers to locate them, it will reduce time and cost of transport distribution it will also general more market for both the distributors and manufacturers. 

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What is the best real estate investing method

What is the best real estate investing method suitable for a real estate investor who intends to make it big in the real estate market with emphasis on rental properties and residential properties
The Best  And Oldest Theory Of Investing In Real Estate  For The Past  2,000 years 

Real Estate is one of the oldest  best money making  venture.
The formulas and recipe to make millions of monies from it still remains the same for over 2,000 years. only the wise investors follow this rule and this is why they repeat their success everyday. Today. If you do not make time to know this principle and do  read this piece then you may be missing a whole life opportunity to make a remarkable  success in Real Estate.

Who makes the Money in Real Estate?

This man Donald Trump  followed
this 2,000 years principle ,he is No 1
Real Estate Investor in the USA.
He bought and renovated rundown
buildings and bought rejected
properties and then add value to them.
There is one big major step you take in real estate that will make you a millionaire. Firstly, let us ask a question, why has it become impossible for billions of people to make money? Could it be that they are not smart enough, No! It could be that Government is not doing enough to put the necessary policies and environment that will make it easier for people to make money, No!

The issue of  FATE  is dominant
 in Christianity what is the 
difference between fate 
and self determination

 This is what majority say, could it be that some are born to be rich and some are born to be average no matter how hard they tried against all odds and advantages, Yes,

religious populist resign to their fate and accept whatever that come their way by omission and commission but in my own opinion could this be true? The clerics should throw more light for a better understanding.

Asian religions also agree with the
principle of  FATE,Is it right to
cross our hands and resign
to fate to rule of life's?

Islamic belief also conform with FATE,
can we differentiate between Godly  fate
and man made fate
To become a successful
Investor you mustknow
the difference between
schoolingand Education
Also, do you agree to the assumption that schooling have brainwashed the majority from life reality, so much that they have become academic conformist, denying themselves the opportunity to be a freethinker and innovators. 

Could this be the reason why majority of those who attend formal schools and not educated end up with average in life.

World leaders have been arrested, tried 

and jailed for making life unbearable

 for their citizens.Can this be a factor that have

that made the largest population so

poor and unproductive?
Apart from these, Governments are the ones that impoverish her people with corruption, embezzlement, wrong polities, political gimmicks, lies, deceit that have resulted in political instability, riots, civil wars, Government overthrows, devaluation of currency, inflation and all other vices, for these reasons most people blame Government for their inabilities, misfortunes and inefficiencies in life, but could this be true in all instances?

Finally, from all indications and after studying the life of most successful men, I will conclude with this hypothesis and without mincing words that lack of success of more that 70% of the world population is due to the lack of “REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE” and this should not be mistaken to mean “Schooling” rather I mean ability to think independently without being a conformist, common sense that can distinguish academic theories from real life situation and how to manage the complexities of life,.
Some have eyes but cannot 
see,ear they
cannot hear,brain but 

yet cannot think. 
Who is an ignoramus?

compound knowledge of all basic aspects of life such as economic, social, political, psychology, history, biology, home and street knowledge rather that linear knowledge that confines all your knowledge to only one human endeavour and makes you see life only from one linear angle.

Due to this lack of required knowledge, majority cannot make profit from their real estate investment. Simply because you got it wrong from the first day that you stuck your money into it.

Our ability to succeed or
 fail in all endeavors
depends on how much

 knowledge you
have in that field.To succeed 

in real estate
investment you need 

to acquire the
basic and professional 

knowledge passed from
investors 2,000 years ago

The truth is that you have gotten it wrong and lost your money in the investment because you are impatient, you were unable to wait a little to see the investment grow, simply because you wanted quicker return on investment (ROI), the banks needed their money in time, so you cannot wait, you needed to invest in a property that could yield quicker returns but unfortunately at the end, you lost out because the property  was overpriced, no one will buy from you anymore because of  inflation, and too many property in the market  begging for a buyer.

You can become bankrupt 
if you lack the basic
knowledge  in your investment. 

You need to
take a lesson in real 

estate to become

At this point you became stuck and unable to repay the loan this scenario is what we experience every day, property tax will start eating you alive, maintenance cost will lean your purse, interest payment on the loan will be climbing at a very high speed, your personal savings will be stuck to this good for nothing investment, at this point you will prefer to sell at a loss to get rid of the property before you fall out, due to increasing bank interest, taxes, maintenance cost and the mode at which it has tied up your income at a loss.

All these shortcomings are what people experience in all cases because of their impatient to wait and see their investment grow. Man is so impatient and this is the basic reasons why most investors fail from the first day of investment.

On this note the professional requirement for a successful real estate investment is to “BUY AND WAIT” to see your investment grow and then take the advantage when it is matured enough to yield profit.

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet
 so said  Jean Jacques Rousseau.
The Vulture is a patient bird,for you to
benefit in real estate Investment the
simple rule is to Invest in low priced
properties and then wait a bit for the
Investment to grow.
Keep it at the back of your mind that for you to succeed in real estate investment you have to apply the principle of “Buy and Wait”.

Firstly, before this theory can work for you one must have a long term goal in order to be able to buy and wait to see your investment grow. After the maturity of your long time goal to “Buy and Wait” it could take 2 – 10 years before the property reach maturity. It is then that you can achieve your short term goal of making a profit between 50% - 500%,  your  invest.

What To Consider Before You “Buy And Wait” 

Sell when others are buying and
buy when others are selling.
Your ability to buy properties rejected
by others and transform them to riches
is the greatest secret of all riches.
The force behind this theory is to look elsewhere from where others are concentrating. You have to think differently and move in the opposite direction from others, you must be able to move to a location before the arrival of all and sundry, you must be an early comer in the location and not a latecomer, you must be able to calculate and invest in places where others have rejected and seen as not too good investment.

You must be able to invest in properties that others rejected for known reasons. You must be able to go with your gut and invest in properties of little value, and most importantly do exactly opposite of what others are doing; buy when others are buying  with this you will make fortunes and save yourself from investment loss. There are such Cheap land in Lekki, Ajah,Badore Ogombo axis and could be found towns near urban and metropolitan cities.


Before you can practice this theory you have to follow some basic techniques.

Firstly, how do you buy when others are selling ?  to be able to buy when others are selling, you will notice that most people will be rushing to invest in one particular location because of the quick profit they are making, and this is common in major cities and metropolitan where commercial activities are at peak.

 Everybody will like to participate and as such it will become the scramble for few properties by too many investors and as such the properties are overpriced. To become a successful real estate investor, such a property do not fulfill your dreams because it takes time to resell such an overpriced property, property taxes are huge, economic recessions makes it impossible for investors to buy, and after a while such properties overflow the market and the only options left at your disposal is to sell with very little profit or in order to get rid of such edifice most people sell at a loss to recover their stocked capital.

Investing in major cities at peak prices
are the worst form of investment,
they make huge returns
that looks like profit
but in reality the profits are
 no real profit
compared with when you
buy  an apartment for $10,000 and
sell for $100,000 after waiting for
a five years period
Examine immediate town, countries and neighborhood where properties are under-priced and very low, buying properties in such locations near overpriced neighbors will make sense if you can “buy and wait” a while for a time when investors will run to your under-priced properties because prices of  properties  in major cities are too expensive, investors, tenants, workers will eventually search for lesser properties in close neighborhood 

At this point you will begin to make profit, and to make a better profit do not rush to sell, wait a little longer to make over 100% profit and then reinvest your profit in a new untapped location,repeat  the whole process at a different location and similar properties over and over again. This is how you can only  make a  genuine profit in real estate investment.

Buy land at undeveloped locations
The principle of “Buy And Wait” in real estate investment points that you search for undeveloped land in a  very scanty settlement or no settlement and do your purchase at a very low purchase price after, all what you need to do is  just “Buy And Wait” for a while like 2-10 years” when investors that rejected the property will demand for its  purchase.

This demand for real estate is always triggered by unexpected human and natural factors such as disaster,epidemic,establishment of a factory,change in Government policies,overpopulation and several other reasons such as war and conflicts in major cities prompting the need for a new settlement or exodus
To purchase undeveloped land, you must consider some factors.
It is most advisable to use your local knowledge of the area to forecast future development in the area, also visit Government offices to know where future projects will be located.

Projects that will demand commercial and residential real estates such as schools, university, industries, government offices, Airport, seaport, railway stations, and several other projects that will trigger demand for properties when the projects are cited. 

To reap good profit in real estate   you must be an early comer in such locations 2-10 years before commencement,such as Lekki Free Trade Zone Axis In Lagos not when the project have  commenced because at that peak time  you will see impatient investors looking for where to make quick profit within a short time, it is from such gullible investors that you will make cool profit of over 200% because when  you did the purchase they saw nothing but a fool in you.


“Buy And Wait” principle demands that you invest in a low priced property or a rundown apartment when other investors are unwilling to purchase, properties considered as wrong location, bad construction, rundown, dilapidated, unsuitable for use, and all the other reasons given that make the property unsuitable for sale.

If you approach such a property the seller will be willing to sell at a giveaway price to get rid of his burden, no one will compete when purchasing such a property and so such you will dictate the terms of purchase to your best advantage.

Prior to the purchase of the property, look for ways to add value to it by adding or removing walls, also you can just do the purchase and wait a while for a time when all good and suitable properties will be gone from the market, there will be no other option left for investors than to buy your rundown properties at your own price, such as properties 
Cheap upcoming  land in estates within  Ibeju Lekki Lagos At that time many will rush to buy your property in order to demolish and rebuild to meet their taste or purchase to renovate to suit their need. It is at this point that “Buy And Wait” estate investors make over 100% profit.


Most cities of today were grown from a small settlement of scanty houses surrounded by undeveloped hunting land and farmland, to serve the people.
As time went by, people increased in numbers, and necessitated the need for more homes, schools, factories, jobs and all these human settlement took their toll on hunting and farmland which were converted to homes, market, hospitals, schools, and eventually became  metropolitan centers.
Once you do it right in
real estate
your children will grow to
become rich and belong
to the aristocrats.Simply
buy and wait to increase
your profit earning.

The irony of this metamorphosis was the growth of ordinary citizens and elite society when farmers, with large families cultivated and controlled large portion of land for the purpose of farming, they claimed ownership of those land at inception, and eventually when the community increased and sought for land.

These group of farmers were paid handsomely to relinquish their land for new owners and as such they became very wealthy and their sons and daughters became traders, warlord, Kings, Queens, Politicians and dominated the oligarchy.This same process is still repeated over and over from generations to generation; new billionaires continue to emerge from nothing.

To achieve this feat, it takes just a little effort, focus, patience and commitment; identify farmlands in your neighborhood  state, country, religious and other parts of the world. These land are sold at peanut prices by landowners and government  and you can always get it at giveaway prices.After purchase, process all the necessary papers and titles it will make you the rightful owner of the land. For instance you are in Nigeria you can find such cheap land in Lekki axis

After documentation, think of the best use for the land, you can engage people to use it for their personal farming at no cost but make sure there is a proper documentation and agreement to show their status and limitations on the land, also you can engage a third party mechanized farming partnership to engage the land.
Mechanized farming is just
like farming in agrarian
age will help to secure your
land pending the time
when development will
reach the zone,you
can use this to secure
the land for the future.

 Also, you can personally invest in mechanized farming, and at worst just purchase, secure the land and wait for the right time to sell or make better use of it, when prices have appreciate or a demand to use the land for other purposes in the community.

Like I have said earlier, don’t just buy a farmland, calculate the indicators that shows that new development will override the use of the land for other purposes than a farmland in  time to  come ,measure the waiting time and decide if you can be patient to wait.

Visit government town planning office, to check for future projects, if closer to the farmland, the nearer the better, check if cities are rapidly expanding that will necessitate people and projects to move outside the cities, look out for other pointers to predict if the land will be matured for sales in the next 2-15 years.

Make sure the risk you take is properly calculated to reduce your chances of a total loss, but notwithstanding, the higher the risk the higher the profit and the loss. Are you ready to take this risk?


Why think only for yourself you can perform
 better iii a grouprather than doing it individually.
This is what Real Estate Alliance
stands for, if you pull your resources together
 with others
you can easily achieve your dream 
of owning a house of
your own without debt and stress. 

To get a better understanding of this point you must have read my theory of Real Estate Alliance. The backbone of this principle is how one or more people can pool their resources to create services and opportunities for others.

In this circumstances, the first thing is to visit the town planning offices, to identify future projects in a location, state or country, after this investigation, move to the location to be an early comer investor, price will still be very cheap because nothing seems to be happening that will attract the make quick profit investors, at this early stage, 

You can buy large hectares of land through workers cooperative society, manufacturer, union, services providers amalgamation, market unions, retail outlet organization and other professional bodies.

After purchase, members of the bodies would move into this location in a large number, to provide their services, products, manufacturing or residential units.

As a result of this singular movement, government will notice them and provide enabling facilities, other service providers will be attracted to the new settlement such as schools, hospitals, market, bus-station, rail station, transporters, and this will ignite the arrival of surveyors, architects, builders, teachers, worship centers and eventually grow to become a new town in less than ten years.

As an investors, where you make the huge profit in real estate  is when you purchase more than what you will personally use as an early comer.

Land at that stage will be very cheap; if you will need 1,500sqm for personal use then you can buy a total of 10,000sqm leaving you with an excess of 8,500sqm which is enough to make you a fortune when a boom occurs. 

Even at the time of high demand for land do not hold all the land waiting for the peak price before you sell, but rather, sell in batches like 2,000sqm at intervals and reinvest your profit in other places to create new opportunities for you and your generations yet unborn.
Written by Akeem Agbaje