Breaking News : Another Active shooting reported at Texas high school

Breaking News : Another Active shooting reported at Texas high school The Santa Fe school district issued an alert around 8 a.m. saying Santa Fe High School was on lockdown. Galveston County sheriff's Maj

One student told Houston television station KTRK in a telephone interview that a gunman came into her first-period art class and started shooting. The student said she saw one girl with blood on her leg as the class evacuated the room.

According to yahoo report the student said she didn't get a good look at the shooter because she was running away. She said students escaped through a door at the back of the classroom.

Watch the  live video as event unfolds  

An updated  yahoo report said Injuries have been confirmed following a shooting Friday at a high school near Houston and the suspected shooter has been arrested, according to school officials.
Assistant Principal Cris Richardson confirms that an active shooter was on campus at Santa Fe High School, which was placed on lockdown around 8 a.m. She said the shooter has since been "arrested and secured."
The school district issued a statement saying injures have been confirmed but no details would be immediately released. School officials said law enforcement officers were working to secure the building "and initiate all emergency management protocols to release and move students to another location."

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