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Suite B52, Ikota Complex VGC Lekki.
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Most properties listed below are within Lekki Free Zone Axis

50 Acres Located around the New Lekki Airport Ibeju  Lekki @ 1m Per Plot with Excision Block

3 acres opposite Lekki Beach Golf course before Lacampayne with Excision  @N2.5m

3 plots opposite Lekki Beach Golf course before Lacampayne with Excision  @N2.5m

4 plots facing beach beside Lacampayne @ N3.5m per plot with village extension excision 

7 Plots facing power oil factory @ N5m per plot with excision 

50 and 60 Acres at Elerangbe Airport side at N900k per plot with excision 

Several others available at Lekki Free Zone road and others at the Elerangbe Lekki Airport Axis 



A. 1500sqm (2.5plots ) of land opposite Lekki Beach Golf Course @ N6.5m with published Gazette
B. 78 plots with published Gazette at Oribanwa immediately after Mayfair Garden Awoyaya @ N5m per plot
C. 10 lots behind Beachwood estate igbodu witH published Gazette @ N4m per plot

1.   6 Plots directly facing the beach with fence  off Lekki free zone road ,  before Akodo  with Gazette  @ N3m per plot suitable for  beach hotel and recreational.
2.   6 plots with Gazette  by Dangote private port  300m  facing beach off Lekki free zone road  suitable for vacation homes, recreational ,guest house ,and hotel @ N3m per plot
3.   10 plots with Gazette 100m  from  the Lekki free zone road ,opposite Dangote refinery @ 3m per plot suitable for commercial real estate that will service the industries such as accommodation for workers, office complex  shopping complex.
4.   8 plots with Gazette 100m from the Lekki free zone road , facing power oil factory@ N5m per plot excellent for commercial  real estate such as office  and shopping complex.
5.   5 acres on directly on Amen Estate road with Gazette @ N4m per plot suitable for shopping complex, filling station (Gas station) or school
6.   6 plots with gazette 200m from the beach off Lekki free zone road with gazette and facing Lekki free zone headquarters suitable for cooperate guest house to be used by high end professionals and expatriate in the free zone.
7.   15  plots with Gazette  500m off Lekki free zone road facing the Lekki beach golf course suitable for residential with a very wide access road from the expressway.
8.    Plots available at Okunmopo @ N5M                     
Four (4) pump filling station (Gas station) on Lekki free zone road  @ N90m Asking price
9.                     3 Bedroom bungalow with BQ on off plan sales @ N8.5m  with exterior finishing off Lekki free zone road
10.                     2,600  hectares of land on Lagos free zone road  available for  bush  clearing with 200 plots compensation for prospective investors

13.                     70 Plots with Excision (Gazette) at  Eluju on Lekki Epe Expressway before Eleko Junction) @ N1.3m per plot within Estate
14.                     648sqm Land in Ibeju Lekki @ N800,000 per plot in Elerangbe Lekki Airport ,within Estate
15.                     648 sqm Plot in Ibeju Lekki Ise-Igbogun road after Dangote Refinery @ N800,000 per plot  within Estate
16.                     648sqm Plot In Ibeju Lekki  on Lekki Epe Expressway @ N1.5 million per plot within Estate

17.                     PROPERTIES IN OTHER LOCATIONS

A.      2 acres in Meiran on Lagos Abeokuta expressway  with C of O @ N300m
B.      20 rooms hotel at Ejigbo Isolo with C of O  @ N60m
C.      10 plots at Festac Town 6th Avenue  @ N5m per plot
D.      7.5 plots in Ajah with Survey and Deed @ N4.5 per plot
E.       1 plot  in Ogombo around Edidot School Lekki @ 12m
F.       1 plot in Alaguntan Ajah with C of O @ N12m
G.     3 acres  at Ebule Egba ,Lagos Abeokuta expressway with C of O @ N450m

(A)    6 Acres of land facing the Lekki Beach Golf Course   before Lacampaygne Tropicana @ N1.5m per plot.
(B)   20 Acres of land before the Dangote Jetty on Akodo Folu road ibeju Lekki with C of O @ N2m per plot
(C)   3 Acres with C of O  at Ibeju Lekki  on Eleko Folu road @ N4m per plot.
(D)  3 Acres with C of O  facing Eleko Akodo road @ N4m per plot
(E)   23 Acres facing Eleko Folu road after Dangote Petrochemical @ N6m per plot
(F)    6 plots at beach side beside Lacampagne  Tropicana  Ibeju Lekki @ N4m per plot
(G)  6 plots at Magbon Alade beach side with fence @ N4m per plot
(H)  17  Acres after Dangote refinery  with C of O @ N2m per plot
(I)     200 Acres with Global Acquisition suitable for estates after Lacampagne Tropicana @ N900k per plot


(K) 75 Acres with C of O before Ibeju town @ N3m per plot
(L) 20 Acres near Eleko junction with C of O @ N6.5m per plot

(M)50 Acres  before after Lacampagne  Tropicana area  available for sponsorship
(N)  30 Acres   available for survey sponsorship

Agbaje Akeem  (Managing Director)                    

and for Sale in Ibeju, Lagos, Nigeria